How it works
Do the groundwork to set up your Lab for success.
Engage with 5 - 30 participants
Collaborate for 4 - 12 hours
Bring together governance and risk experts
5 simple steps to run a New Shape Lab
Do the groundwork to set your event up for success.
Register your Lab with us and get support for your event.
Fill out the form here.
Spread the word and get the right people to show up.
Host the event and engage your participants.
Record & share outcomes
Share the outcomes of your Lab with the GCF and the rest of the community of governance and risk experts.
1. Prepare
Everything you need to do to prepare your Lab.
Find the right venue
Secure a location that fulfils the necessary requirements to host your Lab.

  • Flexible seating - You will want a banquet-style set-up with large circular tables that seat about 10 people each in order to maximise the potential of group interaction
  • Projector or TV screen - A projector or screen that people can connect to using HDMI or VGA adapters, or ideally both
  • Wifi connection - A fast and reliable wifi connection that works on different types of devices and operating systems
  • Materials - Whiteboards, whiteboard pens, A4 paper, flip charts, pencils, post-its and additional materials needed to host the event
  • Microphone - If the room is large, you may need a microphone
Involve great hosts and facilitators
Gathering the right hosts and facilitators can be essential to ensuring cohesive group work. Facilitators and hosts should encourage open communication and guide guests through the process.

  • Manage expectations - Hosts and facilitators should be able to communicate the purpose of the Lab, including goals and desired outcomes
  • Actively listen - Facilitators should be able to understand when more direction may be needed and determine how to best utilise the group's strengths and address their challenges
  • Sets the process - Facilitators should be prepared to communicate the process and ways of working, including various forms of interaction, communication and recording results and outcomes
Choose the area of focus
Browse the New Shape Library to inspire the choices of model/s your Lab will focus on.

Before you host your Lab, you should think about the material that will be used to guide discussions and outcomes. We recommend using the entries received in the New Shape Prize as a starting point for your discussions. You can access a selection of ideas received in the New Shape Library.

You can make selections based on the focus area of your organisation, or perhaps keep it open to your participants to decide which ideas they wish to work on.

2. Register
Register your Lab with us and get support for your event.
Contact details
Enter your name, email, phone number and the city you wish to host your event.
    New Shape Lab proposal
    Provide a short description of your Lab, including the following information:

    • Focus of the Lab - Is it a particular idea, or several, from the New Shape Library? Is it a fresh idea for better managing global catastrophic risks?
    • Planned size of your even
    The Global Challenges Foundation will be in contact to learn more about your Lab and to give any support or advice we can provide to make your event a success.

    3. Invite
    Spread the word and get the right people to show up.
    Set up an RSVP system
    Set-up an event page or registration form to capture the information you need from your guests.

    • Event platform - If you believe that a) you need to keep your event private and b) you need to create a beautiful landing page to attract sign-ups, then the best way is to use an existing event platform such as Eventbrite or Confetti. These types of platforms will give you tools for designing a beautiful event page and marketing it.
    • Forms - Likewise, you can use Google Forms. These platforms have built-in features that allows you to create forms connected to spreadsheets. This provides a list of participants in a portable format which allows for editing based on your preferences.
    Spread the word
    Invite people to your event via email outreach and conversations online and offline.

    Sample invitation to send out to potential invitees of your event:

    Subject: Personal invitation to New Shape Labs <city>

    Dear <name>,

    On behalf of the organising team at <name of main organiser> I'd like to personally invite you to join us at the New Shape Labs <city> on <date>.

    New Shape Labs is a concept for independently organised events created by the Global Challenges Foundation that connects the brightest experts, technologists and entrepreneurs in the world to collaborate on the solving some of the greatest challenges facing humanity.

    During <duration of event> hours we will gather <number of participants> experts like yourself to collaborate on exploring various global governance models, how to improve them and examine their viability.

    What we hope to achieve is both to evolve existing solutions to tackling global challenges as well as to connect you to the broader community of scientists, experts and influencers in the world.

    Since we have a limited number of spots available, I would ask you to sign up right away on the following link:

    <link to registration form>

    You can read more about New Shape Labs <city> here:
    <link to event page if exists>

    Looking forward to seeing you there!

    All the best,
      Share material
      Send any material guests should have read or prepared beforehand, such as the entries from the New Shape Library. Entries from the Library can easily be shared as links.

      You can either share material in the invitation email or send it in a follow-up email to those that have registered. Depending on the set-up of your event, it may be important that guests come prepared and have read the models or ideas they will be expected to discuss, refine and work with.

      4. Host
      Host the event and engage your participants.
      Phases and processes
      The New Shape Labs event consists of three suggested phases and can be run between 4-12 hours — or customised to your local needs.

      Framing (30-60 min)
      • Welcome address & purpose
      • Keynote presentation (optional)
      Discover & Define (1.5-3 hours)
      • Review the challenge & goals of the day
      • Group presentations & introductions
      • Presentation of the suggested ideas that will be worked on and refined
      Develop & Deliver (2-6 hours)
      • Ideate & group work
      • High-level presentation of refined ideas
      • Capture and synthesise outcomes
      • Develop action plan
      Working with the ideas
      The purpose of the New Shape Labs is to bring us closer to governance models that fulfil the following criteria:

      • Operationality
      • Viability
      • Acceptance

      We believe the ideas presented in the New Shape Prize provide great starting points, but these ideas are not the only way forward. You can start from scratch and ask attendees to come up with completely original models that fulfil the above criteria, or you can focus on one very small aspect of an existing idea.

      5. Share outcomes
      Share the outcomes and results of your Lab with the Global Challenges Foundation and the rest of the community of governance and risk experts.
      What to record from your Lab?
      The Foundation would be most interested in the following:

      • Final number of attendees
      • Format of event
      • Which, if any, ideas from the New Shape Library were used
      • How your Lab was able to progress the idea/s towards models that are operational, viable and acceptable
      • Successes and learnings
      How to share outcomes from your Lab?
      You can do this in a variety of ways. Some suggestions are to:

      • Email the Foundation with a summary and detailed attachment of the results.
      • Record your results in a Google Doc and share it with the Foundation.
      • You are also welcome to send photos and short videos* of your event to [email protected]. Should you do so, please specify the event host and location in the subject line

      * Organizers are responsible to explain to participants that videos and photos can be given to GCF for use on social media or similar channels. If participants do not wish to be included in videos or photos, you as an organizer must respect this and only send material to GCF that can be publicly shared.

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