Run a Lab to remodel global governance.
New Shape Labs are collaborative events that anyone can organise to take a step towards solving the greatest challenges facing humanity today.
What are the New Shape Labs?
The New Shape Labs are hackathons where global citizens, governance and risk experts and community leaders can come together to continue working on ideas from the New Shape Prize to improve global governance to better manage the greatest risks of our time.

We encourage participants of Labs to use the ideas in the New Shape Library and brainstorm to bring them closer to models that are viable, operational and acceptable. We want our community to contribute to these ideas and make them their own, so that they can be repurposed for individual objectives and concerns, in different companies, cities and organisations.
What is the purpose of the Labs?
Harness collective knowledge
The Labs provide an opportunity for participants to apply their areas of interest and expertise to the crucial topic of global governance.
Strengthen networks
The foremost thinkers and practitioners will work together, learn from each other and explore how various competences and knowledge can best be utilised.
Multiplying impact
Empowering community members anywhere in the world to identify new, creative solutions to tackle our biggest global risks.
5 simple steps to run a New Shape Lab
Do the groundwork to set your event up for success.
Register your Lab with us and get support for your event.
Spread the word and get the right people to show up.
Host the event and engage your participants.
Record & share outcomes
Share the outcomes of your Lab with the GCF and the rest of the community of governance and risk experts.
How did it all start?
The Global Challenges Foundation launched the New Shape Prize competition in November 2016 as an open call, asking for ideas from everyone, everywhere, on how to reform global cooperation to tackle the most pressing risks facing humanity. 2,702 submissions from 122 countries were received at the competition's close in September 2017.

The best of these ideas were compiled in the New Shape Library, and the New Shape Labs are one channel through which further refinement and expansion of these ideas can occur.
How can we support you?
Request GCF reports to be provided as supporting material, if required
Social Media
Have the possibility of your Lab to be promoted on GCF's social media
Have the possibility of your Lab outcomes and results to be featured on GCF's website or newsletter
Ask for recommendations for key experts/researchers if you would like to approach some for advice
Not convinced yet?

The New Shape Labs were first held in conjunction with the New Shape Forum in Stockholm in May 2018, and used the most promising proposals from the New Shape Prize as building blocks for their discussions.

Watch the video to see some of the participants of these inaugural Labs that occurred across the globe as they deliver inspiring messages on their learnings and hopes for the future of global governance.
New Shape Library
Browse some of the latest and most innovative ideas regarding global governance of global risks to inspire your ideas and provide the starting point in your collaborative working process.
Access the Library
Global Challenges Foundation
The Global Challenges Foundation, a non-profit with the objective to minimise the major global threats to humanity. To achieve this, the GCF works in two ways: by increasing decision-makers' and the public's knowledge about these challenges; and by stimulating discussion and innovative thinking about decision systems that would be able to manage the major global risks more effectively and equitably.
A global community of Shapemakers
The New Shape Labs community is constantly growing with new events in cities across the world.